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Hachi's bishonen paradise


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Hi ! ^^

I'm a french girl who like Asian culture so much specially Korea and SUPER JUNIOR are all my life ! Seriously it's very scary sometimes ! XDDD I love so much Kyuhyun and Yesung but Kyuhyun more !

My OTP is YeHyun (YeKyu, KyuSung, KyuYe... I don't know how to say really but I prefer tell YeHyun and it's REALLY YeHyun for me ! ^^).
Very very rarely but I wish to share my love for this paring with others ! ^^
I really really really really... love SiHyun (WonKyu) too ! 2nd OTP ! *O*
But also YeWon, SungHyun (KyuMin), QMi, SiBum, YeBum, KyuBum and SiGeng !
My OT3 is YeHyunWon & YeHyunMin ! <333 So so hot together !!! *O*
Before I like YeWook so much but not now. I can't. Sorry...
I DON'T LIKE EunHae and all pairing with Donghae except KiHae.
Don't very like pairing with Eunhyuk too :S but I accept some. :)

By the way, I like write fanfiction but it's only in French T_______T and I'm not so confident in my English to traduce them ! :/ I search someone can help me to traduce French to English... please ! XD I know it's a difficult job that I ask !
I like read fanfic too, drawing (sometimes), playing RPG forum, graph... and others stuff !
During my free time I do fansub of Korean show ! (KIdol fansub a french team).

I completely CRAZY about KDRAMA, strawberries & tiramisu too ! *O*

Generally I used different brush and textures for my graph and I found big help on different LJ communities or people, so thank you to erniemay, expose42,... and others not in LJ (I'm not sure :S) : dlajina, schokotorte, winterlillies...